Skirts for Pear Shaped Body

CharacteristicsPear Shaped Body Characterisitcs

  1. Weight on hip and thighs, below your waist
  2. Narrow Shoulders than your hips
  3. Smaller Bust line

Skirts Shape, Designs and Patterns

  • Pear body shaped women can opt for A –line skirts, skirts with flips (Skirts which fits around waist and flares around hemlines) and wraps.
  • Avoid short and tights skirts as they will highlight the problematic areas.
  • A – Line skirts till knee or ankle length can be the best option when clubbed with embellished tops at the neck area. This will help to elongate shoulder and neckline.
  • Peplums tops that nip at the waist can be tried too.
  • Pleated and Box pleated skirts should be avoided as they will add bulk to the hip area.
  • Pear shape should carry patterns and prints in tops and keep skirts plain solid color preferably dark to get slimming effect.
Jennifer Lopez - Pear Shaped Body
Jennifer Lopez – Pear Shaped Body

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