The Blue Color

Blue Color
The Blue Color

Blue –Known as masculine color, represents both sky and ocean. It is universally liked by both men and women. Blue is one of the most embraced colors in the corporate world. Blue can be both calm and relaxing or cold and unfriendly. Blue also increase productivity.

Positive – Royalty, Trust, credibility, Stability, Peace, Harmony, Calm, Confidence, Loyalty

Negative – Depressive, Conservative, Dull, Unemotional

Blue acts opposite to red. It decrease blood pressure, respiration and heart beat. People who like blue clothing are associated to peace, loyalty, trust, cleanliness, peace, serenity, and coolness. Women who like blue clothing are believed to have intense appeal and great sense of fashion.

Blue Apparels & Accessories
Blue Apparels & Accessories

Frilled Dress – Forever New; Tweed Jacket– Zara; Scarf– F5 Company; Shorts –  Zara; Bikini Top –  Zara; Peacock Earrings –Voylla ; Alice Hair band – Forever New; Scarf – Zara; Vibrant Blue Clutch – Forever New

Blue Apparels & Accessories

  • Dark blue suit is considered as most professional business attire.
  • Darker tones of blue apparels suggest authority and power whereas lighter tones are more associated with fun.
  • Blue worn during business meetings depicts loyalty, calmness, trustworthiness and control.
  • Blue also makes you more creative during projects.
  • Blue can be a cool choice during first date, job interview or while meeting your partner’s parents for the first time.
  • Darker tones of blue are perfect for winters, lighter tones for summers and warmer tones like turquoise for the warm seasons.
  • Blue sheets, Blue pajamas help you in better sleep at night.

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