The Violet Color

Color Violet
The Violet Color

Violet is formed by the combination of red and blue and is the last color of rainbow. It has power of red and tranquil calm effect of blue. Violet is considered as regal and sophisticated color which reflects elegance, wealth, authority and luxury. It too represents feminism and romance. However Violet is rare in nature and can appear artificial.

Positive – Royalty, Elegance, Rich, Wealth, Luxury, Creativity

Negative – Self Importance, Pride, Conceit

Violet color ignites ones imagination. It is also associated with spirituality and intuition.  People who love violet have deep insights. They are charming, as well as temperamental.

Violet Apparels & Accessories
Violet Apparels & Accessories

Hues of Purple – F5 Company ; Nail Paint – Maybelline; Make up Bag – H&M; Maxi Dress – H&M; Pom Pom Scarf  – Bohemia; Shoulder Bag – Gucci; Indigo Sunglasses- Roberto Cavalli; Patterned  Crop Top –  H&M; Wedge Heels – Inc 5

Violet Apparels & Accessories

  • Violet comes in various tones. But it’s one universal color in which everyone can look good especially deep violet.
  • Violet clothing is good for artists and in a creative environment.
  • Violet also helps you to make a statement.
  • For Business meetings and interviews violet is not be a good choice. It induces discomfort for others and depicts individualism and not team player.

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