The Yellow Color

Color Yellow
The Color Yellow

Yellow – the color of sunshine can cheer you up on a bad or low day. It’s the most luminous one in the spectrum and hence is a great attention getter. In nature it’s the color of sunflowers, daffodils, egg yolk and in our contemporary world mostly used in emoticons depicting feelings of happiness, sadness, wink etc. It’s considered to be an optimistic color and good when not used in overdose. Overdose can result in loosing temper.

Positive – Sunny, cheerfulness, Lively, Optimism, Positive, Enlightenment, Creativity.

Negative –In large dose makes you lose temper, Impulsive, Anger, Frustration

Yellow communicates happiness, and depicts a mind which can concentrate well. Just like red, it too increases heart beat and raises metabolism. People who like yellow clothes are considered to be logical and consistent personalities.

Yellow Apparels & Accessories
The Color Yellow

Lace Shift Dress – Zara; Satin Dress – H&M; Nail Enamel – Revlon; Yellow Skirt – H&M; Sunglasses – H&M; Heels- Forever New

Yellow Apparels & Accessories

  • Yellow apparels are warm. The perfect one for the summers is Lemon Yellow or lighter shades of yellow.
  • Like red it’s also best when used in accents. Instead of whole yellow dress try to accessorize it with yellow accessories like clutch, handbag, shoes etc.
  • During interviews yellow shows clarity of thought, orderliness, and wisdom.
  • Yellow is also associated with inspiration and intelligence, so can work well on your big days.
  • Yellow makes you stand out in the crowd, so perfect for occasion when you need special attention.
  • Yellow is best for fun and casual clothes.

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